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Draft 2011 Threshold Evaluation

Draft 2011 Threshold Evaluation Report April 2012

The 2011 Threshold Evaluation Report shows the Tahoe Basin made environmental gains over the last five years, but highlights water quality as a continued area of concern.

The comprehensive report offers a snapshot of the health of the ecosystem in the Tahoe Basin by documenting the status and trends of 151 environmental standards ranging from air and water quality to fish and wildlife. The biggest improvements were documented in air and water quality, and scenic resources, although gains in the key area of annual water clarity continue to be elusive.

This evaluation is the fifth report published since the adoption of the Regional Plan in 1987 and was reviewed by an independent panel of scientific experts. The Tahoe Science Consortium coordinated the peer review and the scientists found the report to be technically sound and an improvement over previous evaluations, according to the report.

Single Document Download Format

(Single Document Download Format)

Individual Chapters

Executive Summary
1 Introduction
2 Methodology
3 Air Quality
4 Water Quality
5 Soil Conservation
6 Vegetation
7 Fisheries
8 Wildlife
9 Scenic
10 Noise
11 Recreation
12 Implementation
13 Conclusions
14 References

Appendices Single Document Download

(Full Threshold Evaluation Appendices)

Appendices Individual Chapters

A Socioeconomics
B Resolution 82-11
C Code Disposition Report
D Threshold Attainment Status Crosswalk
E Peer Review
WQ-1 Stream Concentrations
WQ-2 Sediment Nutrient Load
WQ-3 Flow Weighted Concentrations
IE-1 Compliance Measures
IE-2 Stream Conceptual Model
IE-3 TRPA Stormwater Program
IE-4 AIS Program Summary
IE-5 2011 Science Summary
CR-1 Fertilizer White Paper
CR-2 Threshold Updates

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