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About The M&E Program

The Tahoe Status and Trend Monitoring and Evaluation Program (M&E Program) aims to reliably and consistently monitor and report the status and trends of the Tahoe Basin’s environmental and socioeconomic conditions. The M&E Program is a collaborative effort of agencies, the scientific community and other partners who are committed to making cost-effective monitoring information accessible to the public.

M&E Program Vision

Lake Tahoe agencies work collaboratively with the scientific community and other partners to develop and operate a cost-effective, integrated status and trend monitoring and evaluation program for the Lake Tahoe Basin. The M&E Program will reliably and systematically monitor, evaluate and report on the status and trends of the Basin’s environmental and socioeconomic conditions in a timely manner. Information provided through this effort will be used to improve agency decision making and general understanding of Tahoe Basin conditions.

M&E Program Objectives

The M&E Program’s overarching goal is to monitor and report Pathway desired conditions in a manner that is useful to decisionmakers and accessible to the public. To accomplish this, the M&E Program will facilitate:

  • Supported management decisions
  • Enhanced Public Understanding
  • An integrated, collaborative partnering approach
  • An adaptable and continually improving program

Contact Person

For more information about the M&E Program or tahoemonitoring.org please contact Shane Romsos; Science, Monitoring and Evaluation Program Manager at:

  • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • (775) 589-5201
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