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About Tahoemonitoring.org

Tahoemonitoring.org is the public reporting site for the Tahoe Status and Trend Monitoring and Evaluation Program (M&E Program). This site uses maps, graphs and icons to explain the current status and past trends of natural and socioeconomic resources in the Tahoe Basin. These indicators help us understand how close we are to meeting the Lake Tahoe Basin’s established goals, such as the TRPA’s Thresholds and some of the USFS’s Desired Conditions. For more information about the M&E Program, click here.

Site Organization

The information on this website is organized into four Status and Trend areas. To see the full structure, click here. On the left-hand side of the page, you’ll see a menu that lists the four areas that the resource information is grouped into. If you click on one of those areas, two things will happen. First, the menu will expand to show the “Reporting Categories” that are covered under that specific area. You can then click on one of the menu items that just appeared, and drill down further into the reporting structure to find specific desired conditions or indicators. Second, the rest of the webpage will change to show the Reporting page for that area.

Each indicator page shows a circular icon, a map, a trend graph, interpretation and commentary, and links to additional information. The icon’s color represents the current status of the indicator, the arrow’s orientation represents the trend of the indicator’s status, and the thickness of the circle’s outline represents the amount of confidence we have in the available data. Click here for a legend describing this icon. You can view a larger and more detailed version of the monitoring map and the trend chart by clicking on the “View Larger” links underneath them.

The green navigation bar along the top of each page has three parts – Home, About, and Feedback. You can visit the Forum by clicking on the Feedback link in the green menu bar at the top of the page. The Forum is a place for users to provide feedback and post comments about the information on tahoemonitoring.org. Additionally, you can sign up to receive an email when new information is available on the website.

Thanks for visiting tahoemonitoring.org! We are eager to hear your opinion of the information presented on this site.

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